Tips To Make The Best Out Of Aerial Photography For Real Estate

With high-resolution cameras, smart features, and bird's eye views, aerial photography has become extremely helpful for the real estate industry. The properties with aerial images are 68% more likely to sell than those without aerial images. Do you know the reason behind it? Aerial photography provides a completely unique aspect to the listing. It allows the potential buyers to know about the property in the best possible way. Further in this blog, we will learn some effective tips to make the best out of drone photography for real estate. 

Keep these tips in mind the next time you do drone photography or hire someone for aerial photography for real estate.

Set up the listing landscape

Before you begin to shoot, make sure to clean the surroundings. Ensure that the yard, driveway, lawn, and roof are free from any kind of trash. Things such as cleaning and gardening tools can ruin the aerial view of your home. Early morning can be the best time to capture your property from the sky. So make sure to finish all the cleaning and sprucing work the day before.

Adjust drone settings

Advanced drones come with countless settings. Thus, in order to capture the aerial photos and videos the way you want, you should change the settings. Make sure to set the aspect ratio at 3:2 or 4:3.

Use natural light

Natural can be a game changer for aerial photography. Of course, you can opt for drone lighting kits however nothing can replace natural light. The sunlight adds beauty to your photography. It allows you to enhance certain features of your property. If the lighting is too much, don’t forget to use neutral-density filters to restrict the amount of light entering the lens. Also, be careful about the long shadows that the early morning sun can cause.

Fly the drone low

You may find it tempting to fly the drone too high up in the sky. However, this way you can only capture the roof and surroundings of the home. So fly the drone at an adequate height to make sure that you capture every possible exterior part of your home.

Highlight the best features of your home

Every home has something that makes it one of a kind. It can be a sprawling lawn or a beautiful swimming pool. Focusing on these features can make your listing stand out. To ensure that these features catch the viewers’ eyes, increase the lighting in those areas during editing.

Keep diversity in the shots

Variety in the shots and angles can increase the quality of the outcome. So rather than just taking the pictures from similar angles, capture everything from a variety of angles.

Last words

When it comes to aerial photography, it is always advised to rely on experts. Because they have excess to all the required equipment and experience which provide you the result you want. We hope that you find the above information helpful even if you are hiring a professional photographer for aerial photography for real estate. If you are keen to learn more,  don’t shy away from getting in touch with the experts.


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